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Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd.
What We Offer 
Condemnation appraisal is our specialty.  Having practiced in this specialty for years we have developed a regular program of service unique to this area of valuation.
  1. First, our appraiser will meet with you and go over the condemnation process step-by-step so you are informed as to what step you are in, what to expect and how the process works.
  2. Next, the appraiser will review your situation by identifying the actual property being taken, any improvements being lost or impacted by the taking and will alert you to other potential damages (if any) to the remaining property.
  3. Then the appraiser physically inspects the property being affected, taking pictures (sometimes video), measuring the improvements and listing all aspects about the property.  This completes the on-site inspection part of the process.
  4. Now the appraiser must investigate the Highest and Best Use of the property which is a measure of the best use of the property that will render the highest return on the current open market.  This analysis is the hub that the axle of valuation revolves around.  In this analysis, the appraiser researches such things as the legal description of the property, current zoning, potential zoning changes, land use plans, community growth factors, soil type, easements, limiting factors such as wetlands and waterways, and the feasibility of a change of use.  Once the Highest and Best Use is determined the appraiser then proceeds to the next step.
  5. The appraiser now researches the market for comparable property sales.  These sales are to be similar to the Highest and Best Use determined for the property.  Often these sales are gathered from a variety of sources including local assessors, Realtors and court house records.  All sales must be confirmed in the court house and by a party involved in the sale.
  6. After the out-of-office research has been completed, the appraiser then compiles all the information and incorporates it into the analysis of the property.  This analysis is then translated into an appraisal report.
  7. Once we complete the report, we will further consult with our client and explain our appraisal report step-by-step so they understand the process and values. Additionally, if the client has an appraisal completed by the condemnor, we will review that appraisal with them and address our differences in opinion and, if any, value.  During our consultation we also address any questions our client may have about the condemnation process and explain the coming steps in the condemnation process.

It is our goal, by following this process, that our client will be a more knowledgeable property owner that will lead to a fair and just compensation for the taking.

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