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Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd.

Since 1994, Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd. has been providing objective and specialized appraisal services including: 

Whether you need a commercial appraisal, complex valuation or an eminent domain appraisal, our trademark has always been thoroughness. We prove our values and adjustments through thorough research – a staple at our firm – not just on "experience." 

Through our comprehensive research, we’re able to confidently base our opinions of value upon the facts instead of upon guesswork. We continuously research how many factors affect property values.   Examples of our recent research include:

In addition to our impact studies, we have compiled volumes of articles and external studies on how property values are affected by utilities, roadways, wind turbines, easements and stigmas.

To support our valuations, you can rely on our skill at providing expert testimony.  It’s called being a "forensic" appraiser.  A forensic appraiser is a recognized expert witness who gives testimony in court as to the value of a property.  We are recognized experts in state and federal courts.   

We invite you to explore our services, peruse samples of our research, build your knowledge, and get to know us better. Contact us today to speak with our valuation expert.


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Welcome to Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd. 
Latest Resource 

Lately we have received many questions regarding eminent domain and natural gas transmission pipelines on property.  Click here to explore each useful question and answer.  Here's an example: 

How much does a natural gas pipeline affect my "fear risk" and property valuation?

The effect of the pipeline easement is measured by the market.  Depending on the size of the pipeline, size of the easement, how it is located on the property, the size of the property, property use, etc., the impact range could be nominal to substantial.  To put this in numbers, it could be as little as 50% of the easement land value, or up to 30% or more of the whole property value.  The more intrusive the easement on the land (ex. - runs diagonal across the whole property vs. just down the fence line), the more impact it will have. 

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