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Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd.
Meet Kurt Kielisch 

Kurt Kielisch - President of Forensic Appraisal GroupThe President of Forensic Appraisal Group, Kurt C. Kielisch, has been in the appraisal field since 1984.  Kurt Kielisch is a forensic appraiser who is recognized in courts throughout the state as an expert witness in appraisal related matters.  He is a published author, teacher and researcher.  His formal education includes two bachelor degrees and a master's degree.

Kurt is a Certified General Appraiser and licensed in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, & Virginia, and he is a Certified General Real Property Appraiser in the State of Illinois.  Also, he has held temporary appraisal licenses in Ohio, Indiana and Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Missouri, and past Certified General licenses in Michigan, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Kurt holds designations and memberships in several nationally recognized appraisal organizations including:

Kurt has authored an appraiser business book titled, The Listing Appraisal Program, and articles for the Communicator magazine, Working RE magazine and the Appraisal Buzz e-zine.  He has been quoted in national appraisal magazines, newspapers and has appeared as a guest expert on a local television program.

As an educator, Kurt has taught appraisal pre-licensing and continuing education courses throughout a multi-state area since 1994.  In this field he has authored course curriculum for seven pre-licensing courses and twelve continuing education courses, plus the creation of a two-year professional appraiser training program.

Nationally, he has served as a consultant in Alaska and Virginia and as an expert witness in an Ohio condemnation case, an Illinois wind siting hearing, and before the Wyoming wind siting council.

Kurt Kielisch has completed several valuation-related research projects including: 

  • Pioneer Wind Park I & II Project – Property Value Impact Report (2011–Wyoming).
  • Impact Study on the Effect of High Voltage Power Lines on Agricultural Property Value in Southwestern Indiana (2010–Indiana).
  • Wind Turbine Impact Study 2009 (2009–Wisconsin).
  • Update Study of the Impact of a 345kV Electric Transmission Line in Clark County – Town of Hendren (2006/2009–Wisconsin).
  • Study of the Impact of a 345kV Electric Transmission Line in Clark County – Wisconsin (2006–Wisconsin).
  • An Impact Study of a 345kV electric Transmission Line on Rural Property Value in Marathon County – Wisconsin (2006–Wisconsin).
  • EMF=s and Their Effect on Real Estate Values in the De Pere, Wisconsin, and Surrounding Areas (1998–Wisconsin) .
  • 18 studies on the impact of natural gas transmission pipelines on property value.
  • And other smaller studies on the impacts of highway proximity on property value.

If you are looking for an experienced professional and a well-seasoned expert in real estate appraisal, then contact Kurt Kielisch today.

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